Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Motivational Monday
You want to motivate me, educate me;
Show me how to get to the top, never stop, so my dream doesn’t flop.
You want to motivate me, stimulate me;
Spark my desires so I’ll reach higher, strive for greatness, become inspired.
You want to motivate me, formulate me;
Build me up so I can stand on my own, build this temple of brick and mortar that will become my home.
You want to motivate me, captivate me;
Take my thoughts captive, watch me become active, light my soul on fire and get reactive.
You want to motivate me, collaborate with me;
Guide me on my journey, help me along the way; alone I’m good, but together is how we stay.
You want to motivate me, invigorate me;
Bring me to levels I never thought possible, challenge me to become more so I am unconquerable.
You want to motivate me, consecrate me;
Teach me how life will become greater later and the God I serve will vanquish all haters.
You want to motivate me, rejuvenate me;
When my cup is low and my well has run dry, put air under my wings so I can again fly.
You want to motivate me, vindicate me;
Be a rock when I wobble, a shield when I need protection, and to all that mean me harm, be Christ’s reflection.
You want to motivate me, already done; I was motivated when I saw the rising of the sun.
The Son motivated me because He told me I too could rise, that I am blessed beyond measure and need not worry about those who pray for my demise.
I’m motivated because aspirations never expire, it’s never too late; everything we go through makes it worth the wait.
You want to motivate me, tell me what I can’t do or won’t, how I’m bound to fail; and watch me shine like no other, not to prove you wrong, but to prove me right and show the world how to prevail!

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