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There will come a time in life when the cheering comes to a deafening silence and the outpour of support dwindles away like  a puff of smoke.  It is in this moment that you will be left contemplating how could it have all gone so drastically wrong, but this is not the time to throw in the towel.  Instead, this is the first of many opportunities to look in the mirror and summon all the courage you can muster, and continue to forge ahead.  This is the time when all that is left is to encourage yourself.

Not everyone will see your vision or be able to go the distance with you, but that is not as important as what you see or how you see yourself.  @PastorJ_HigherD candidly states, “Your next choice will determine your destiny,” and it is here and now where the rubber meets the road.  What you see in the mirror will ultimately determine where you go and who you shall become.  Do you see yourself as the meek, minute house cat or the strong, powerful king of the jungle?  The vision you cast of yourself is greater than the vision you are trying to bring to fruition.

When all else fails and everyone else bails, you have to be able to turn within to discover an inner strength.  This is paramount in your quest and one of the most vital components you will need along your journey.  Many will come and just as many will go, but the one constant is the man in the mirror.  Who you see is what matters most because the image the mirror reflects is a precursor to your future.  Stand tall and gaze in the mirror at your greatest asset – yourself.

Unfortunately, people shall come in like a whirlwind eager to assist and be a part of something, anything, until it either requires them to actively contribute or they move on to the next shiny thing.  Guard your heart, protect your vision, and build your foundation so strong that when all around you begins to crumble, you still are standing firmly in your faith, conviction, and purpose.  Ever noticed the sideview mirror that reads, “Images in mirror may be closer than they appear?”  It is because the mirror only reflects a small scale version of the greater vision, a vision that only the person looking in the mirror is truly aware of!  Remember, whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way, you’re right and it all starts with who you see in the mirror.

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