Thankful Thursdays!

Haves and Have Nota

There will come a time in everyone’s life when they will slam into a wall – a wall of discontentment, despair, depression, and even defeat.  This is a pivotal moment and the best thing you can do is to be THANKFUL for it all.

I am sure it sounds like the most absurd thing in the world to be THANKFUL for things that are hurtful and tumultuous, but it is all about the perspective in which you see it.  What separates the have and the have-nots?  Only the and in between.  THANKFULNESS is a state of mind and once we learn to roll with the highs and the lows, not becoming over consumed by the highs or dwelling on the lows, is when we find a even-keeled place of serenity.  This where THANKFULNESS thrives because no matter how extraordinary or how bleak it may seem, these are temporary.  What is ever-lasting is your ability to put things in the proper perspective.

Today, I am THANKFUL because no matter what, I have the ability to turn any situation around and the choice of how to I react to it.  I am THANKFUL because no matter how desolate it may seem, I know it will not last forever.  I am THANKFUL because even when I don’t know the answer, I know if I stay the course, all the answers will be revealed.  I am THANKFUL because when others may abandon me, question me, or not believe in me, as long as I am confident in who I am and continue to work diligently towards my goals, al my dreams are possible.  I am THANKFUL because triumphs fortify there is no such thing as impossible and my trials reinforce that failure is does not indicate defeat.  I am THANKFUL because the have-nots are as much of a blessing as the haves.

What are you THANKFUL for?  Share with BrotherWord the things you find daily to be THANKFUL about and how either your have or have-nots still remain a source of THANKFULNESS.  Leave your comment with the hashtag #ThankfulIHave or #ThankfulIHaveNot.


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