Home of the Free because of the Brave

BrotherWord - Veterans Day

Today is a day in which we salute all those that have and continue to lay their lives on the line for our peace of mind.  Without your heroism, dedication, and sense of duty, I shutter at what this country may look like.  Because of what you do, feats that go unknown and seldom appreciated, we can live in freedom, not fearful of the unknown, confident our borders are protected by the bravest men and women God created!  It is my honor to have a family of dedicated servicemen who paved the way for many of us and dedicated their lives to protecting us.  Their lives have been an example that forged the foundation our family was birth on and that same foundation is what this country thrives upon.  Thank you for everything you stand for and all that you do!

Thank You and Continue to Spread the Word!

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