Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Breakthrough

Ding, ding, round number 2,

Get off the mat, you haven’t been counted out yet, it’s time for your breakthrough,

Tell me I can’t, Tell me I won’t… Watch me do what I do.

Fallen before and probably won’t be the last,

But the difference now is I know how to get up because I learned from my past.

What may have torn me down before is barely a blimp on the radar,

God gives His greatest battles to His mightiest warriors and I’m His shining star.

Armor in tact and the Holy Spirit watching my back,

You really thought you could tear me down, knock me off track,

That was merely the setup for the come up, now watch me bounce back.

What you didn’t know about me or maybe you needed to see it for yourself,

I’m cut from a different cloth and you can’t find this on the shelf.

Matter of fact they broke the mold and the fabric no longer exists,

The life I live is purpose driven and to serve that purpose, I must insist.

So next time you think it’s over, think you’ve lost, it’s over and you’re through,

Remember, who are you are is how you think and when we believe, dreams really do come true. ©

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