Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Fail

This one is for those that said I shouldn’t, wouldn’t, or couldn’t.  All I heard was maybe you should, if you don’t who would, truth be told, if you tried, you probably could… so I did

See, I do not deal in fractions, contractions, or misguided actions.  So while you talking about what I won’t do, I ask… Why not? Who better than me?

Because I came from the wrong neighborhood, have a different background, or my skin pigmentation is too dark?  Before you respond let me stop you because the question was rhetorical.  My destiny comes from a greater power and no disrespect, but you do not set the mark.

They said it couldn’t be done…. so I had to prove them wrong.  Have you heard #KendrickLamar’s “I?” It’s one of my favorite songs.  Listening to “I,” I remember how much I love myself and that the opportunities are limitless.  I can put these syllables together to make new sentences to open consciousness and destroy ignorance or better yet give hope to dreamers trapped in their own imprisonment.  How dare you try to put me in a box for your experiment! 

I am the son of Giza, the master of my fate.  Even before I saw the light, I knew I would be great! You might catch that one later, but later might be too late. I appreciate the advice, but I will have to pass. Last thing I need is to be stifled by your lack of ambition, self-esteem issues, or the fact you can’t see the forest for the grass… just blind.

For the doubters, backstabbers, and those hating just to hate… Thank You.  They say you never know how strong you are until it is all you have left and your doubt fueled the fire burning within so all my dreams would come true. ©

Thank You and Continue to Spread the Word!

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