Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - I Am Thankful

As I have watched events unfold this week I cannot help but be THANKFUL for God’s continued grace and mercy.  I am far from perfect or and have made plenty of mistakes and poor choices and yet here I am.  Death has come a knocking once again this week, taking loved ones from the tender age of six to those were afforded a bigger bite at life and transcend at eighty. One thing is for sure, neither one of their lives were in vain and the impact they made on others is far-reaching.  I am so THANKFUL for them being a part of my life and more importantly showing me the importance of truly living life.

It is said that grace is what we do not deserve nor could earn in any way.  It is not by something we did, something we deserved, or something we have any right to, but God saw fit to grant us grace.  Mercy on the other hand is what we do not get that we definitely earned and deserve.  In the same breath, thought, and action,  God gives the one (grace) and withholds the other (mercy) and I for one am so THANKFUL for His goodness.  I shutter to think where I would be without either and who I would be if not given the chance to repent for my wrongs and rectify my failures.

Today I am THANKFUL because unlike those whose assignment is complete, I have another opportunity to pass the test and complete the work that has been purposed for my life.  I am THANKFUL because I am not where I want to be, but I am far from where I was and I am excited about where I am heading.  I am THANKFUL because someone saw fit to give me another chance, to forgive me for my transgressions, and to help when I fell, and to support me along the way.  I am THANKFUL because I did not receive the penalties of my sins or inherit debts I could never repay.  I am THANKFUL for unwarranted, unmerited, undeserving, unrealistic, and unwavering grace and mercy.  I am THANKFUL because He loved me in spite of me!

BrotherWord - Grace

A thousand times I’ve failed still your mercy remains.  And should I stumble again, I’m caught in your grace.

God’s grace is immeasurable.  His mercy inexhaustible.  His peace inexpressible.

Thank You and Continue to Spread the Word!

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