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BrotherWord - Eagle

When God pushes you to the edge of difficulty, trust Him fully because two things can happen.  Either He can catch you when you fall or He will teach you how to fly!

Are you familiar with the story of the mother eagle?  She provides a nest for her eaglets, nurturing them, feeding them, protecting, and ensuring that they are well taken care of and have an opportunity to grow and experience what life has to offer.  But this is not a lifelong setting and soon the realities of life start to unfold.  Soon the mother eagle will take her offspring in her mouth, fly out the nest and release them!  As the baby eagle begins to descend, she swoops in, catching them and returning them to the nest.  The process is repeated over and over and she begins to disassemble the nest in the process as well.  

The purpose is multi-faceted:

1.) Encourage the offspring to fly and fulfill their potential.  By dropping them, they quickly learn how fleeing life can be and how at a moment’s notice you could be sitting up high and have it all come tumbling down.  In order to soar in life, you have to spread your wings and fly.

2.) To show them that life is not about being comfortable and no matter how much others may provide a comfortable environment, at some point each of us has to leave home and discover our own paths.

3.) That no matter how far we fall, those that love us and care about us will be there to catch us no matter what.  We all will fall short and at one point or another come crashing down, but there will still be those who care who will be there to soften the blow and rescue us for certain doom.

4.) To not be afraid of our potential and even if we are afraid, to overcome it.  We each have to discover who we are and what we are capable of and the only way to do that is my stepping out on faith!

Like the eaglets, many of us want to be at ease, no difficulties, and coasting through life, but it is the challenges of life that shape us and mold us into who we are destined to become.  Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.  

The challenge today is to let go of anything or anyone that is holding you back, anything that is stopping your from fulfilling your destiny, anything that is prevented you from spreading your wings and flying.  If it is not challenging you, it is not growing you, and anything that is not growing you is causing you to become stagnant and decay.  As uncomfortable and frightening as the ledge may seem, it isn’t until you take that leap that you realize you don’t have to fall, but instead roam the sky and discover new horizons.

“In the ashes of adversity, lies opportunity.” ~ S.L. Coelho

2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday”

  1. Good Morning BrotherWord,

    “When God pushes you to the edge of difficulty, trust Him fully because two things can happen. Either He can catch you when you fall or He will teach you how to fly!” ~ Wow this alone is powerful because no matter what, you can trust God to keep you! I can resonate with all of your points, especially others providing a comfortable environment. You cutting up this morning or better yet cutting into ME! Thank you for this timely post! It has confirmed and re-affirmed many areas in my life. How do we expect to win if we do not try?!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi MB,

      Thank you very much for following BrotherWord and joining the conversation. “Cutting into you!” Wow, that is amazing! Hopefully it penetrated where need be and as they say in church, “pricked your heart” to allow God’s reign to reside. It is hard at times to let go and let God, to trust that everything is working together for your good, and believe that there is purpose in the process, but please stay the course. Everything in life is either a lesson to be learned or an opportunity to overcome. We are either in a season, coming out of a season, or on our way to a season. No matter where you are in life, keep trusting. You will be surprised how far you can fly!

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