Motivatonal Monday

BrotherWord - New Beginning

New Year, Same Me; Fresh beginnings, more of this world to see.  Leaving the past behind and moving forward to a life on purpose; If you didn’t hear my last year, listening a lil closer, I promise it will be worth it! ~ BrotherWord

2015 has come and gone and not sure what you set out to accomplish or if last year was deemed a success, but what I can assure you of is that 2016 brings with it new beginnings and a fresh start.  No need to look in the rearview mirror or wonder what if.  Today is a fresh start and it is time to get to work!

Do not worry about what happened last year that no longer has any bearing on the future.  What was is not what shall be and what shall be can only happen if you are moving forward.  Use the past as fuel and a lesson, remembering what was learned and continuing to strive towards your purpose.  Everything you have gone through has positioned you for this exact time and you are ready to conquer whatever lies ahead.  

No more slogans, clichés, or gimmicks.  It is time to go to work and time to make it happen.  Take this world head on, not shying from the difficult, not afraid to fail, ignoring the naysayers, and believing you will succeed.  This is the year things will start to line up and the fruits of your labor will be rewarded.  Everything you have worked so hard for will now unveil itself.  Do not give up or give in; you are on the verge of greatness!

See you on the battlefield…

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language.  And next year’s words await another voice.  And to make an end is to make a beginning.” ~ T.S. Eliot

Thank You and Continue to Spread the Word!

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