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Raising Our Sons

To all the MEN out there leading your families and raising your kids, thank you and this may or may not necessarily be for you.  But to my ladies, please read this in love and know this is a plea to save our young men. We live in a different age and time where “roles …

Lions, Bears, & Tigers – Oh My!

In Locust Grove, Georgia at Noah’s Ark animal rescue sanctuary, the most unlikely of trios have found a home.  Leo the lion, Baloo, an American black bear, and Shere Kahn, a bengal tiger, cohabitate and live a playful life full of fun and harmony.

Bullying 101

Have you ever bullied or been bullied?  There’s an old adage that until you stand up to the bully, it will only continue.  The Simpsons have made bullying comical every time Nelson picks on one of his classmates.  But in the real world, bullying leads to many problems including depression and suicide.  It isn’t something …

Hero Within

By now we’ve all heard about the escape and rescue of Amanda Berry and the other captives.  We’ve also been introduced to the heroic and humorous character of Charles Ramsey.  The video and audio clips are one sound bite after another and Ramsey is not camera shy or short on one-liners.  But what stands out most is …

Faithful Faux Pas?

Racing to victory is probably one of the most exhilarating feats one man can achieve.  Crouching in the blocks, pistol firing, and every muscle in your body exploding in unisonance propelling you down the track.  Competing against a field of equally athletic challengers is a true test of mental strength and physical prowess.  Crossing the …

Violation of Rights or Justifiable Arrest – You Decide

Below is a video that presents several questions. The lines between civil liberties and abuse of power seem to get blurred more and more each day.  Police officers have a tremendous duty and the idea of protecting and serving the public often times comes down to split second decisions.  There is no room for hesitation …

Food For Thought

Has the importance of a formal education taken a different role in today’s society? Take a moment to listen to this artist’s thoughts and tell me what you think.

When Is Change Good?

In 2013, the notion of segregation and separatism seems farfetched and something more suited for 1913.  But in Wilcox, GA., the students at Wilcox County High School participated in the very first fully integrated prom this past weekend.  The first EVER in the school’s 40 year history!

Choices & Consequences

With the pending draft in two days and the future of many men waiting in the balance, the choices these men make will ultimately decide their career futures.  A game they’ve played since they began walking, will turn some into millionaires, changing their world in an instant.  Never was there a truer statement than when …

We Will Prevail

The first sporting event after the bombings in Boston and look at how the crowd responds. This nation will NEVER bow to FEAR or the blatant tactics of others to tear us apart!