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The Light

There is something about how music and how it moves people.  Growing up in a house full of beautiful sounds blasting from the stereo, my appreciation for how music tames the savage beast, caresses the soul, and puts a pin in time holds forever marking the moment, is still true to this day.  An advent listener …

1 True Love

  Reflecting on this week of the #LoveRequiem movement, I’m resurrecting a poem I wrote many years ago.  Hope you enjoy! 1 True Love   When I first met you I was so infatuated, captivated, stimulated, Being in your presence again is what I anticipated. The more we talked, the more I learned, The longer we …

Are all discussions good?

“Accidental Racist” by hip-hop artist LL Cool J and country western singer Brad Paisley has ignited a firestorm of conversation and controversy… just like the artists planned.  A strategic song aimed to stoke emotions, the artists purposely released the song to garner an impact and provoke dialogue.  But was it too much, did it go too far, was it irresponsible and insensitive?  You be the judge and if you haven’t heard the song or seen the artists comments, take a look and listen below.  Make sure to leave a comment as this one is sure to have you thinking and keep you talking.