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Happy Valentine’s Day



Happy Valentine’s Day to all.  A day dedicated to spreading love, but what if one day turned into a daily ritual of expressing the love we have for each other?  How would you verbalize everything your significant other means to you?  How would you describe the love you share?

Hallmark, true to their mantra of putting feelings and sentiments into words, began a new initiative called #PutYourHeartToPaper and gave loved ones the opportunity to use their own words when depicting their relationships, the importance of their counterparts, and what their love for each other truly means.  It is a beautifully raw example of how much love conquers and covers all.

Take a moment to view this couples’ heartfelt expressions of love for one another and when you are done, take the initiative to tell someone how much you love them and what their love means to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


#LoveRequiem – Asked & Answered

BrotherWord - Q&A

One of BrotherWord’s faithful followers was gracious enough to partake in a Q&A about Valentine’s day and love & relationships.  Her answers are very poignant and shed much light on the mindset of many women.  Even more, she is a testament to the strength and meaning of true love.  Take a moment to read her answers and see if they differ or align with your thoughts. (more…)

Is Love a Choice?

BrotherWord - U, Me, and We - Love Is a Choice

Going into Valentine’s Day, there will be a lot of advertisement and talk about relationships and love.  Most of if it will be profit-driven, but some will actually delve into the meaning of love, the shifting paradigms of relationships, and how do we sustain fulfilling and lasting bonds.  After having a few conversations this past week, it reminded me of a post I wrote years ago, so I decided to resurrect it and see what the masses think.  Let BrotherWord know what your definition of love is and how it pertains to your relationships (intimate, familial, and work-related).  Leave your comments here or on Twitter with the hashtag #LoveRequiem.  Welcome to Love Requiem Week where we are putting to rest the notion that love and relationships are dead! (more…)

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