Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Motivational Monday

As I travel on this journey called life, I find myself at a fork in the road;

One wrong turn could spell disaster, one right turn could pave the streets gold.

But is it really about rights and wrongs; Or more about lessons learned.

It’s said the journey is greater than the destination, navigating muddy waters can pose complications, but I chose to use it all as motivation.

Too many positives to let the negatives hold me back;

I was built with a purpose and a passion, the ability to overcome and succeed, I have the tools to defend against any attack.

Far from easy and the terrain is treacherous;

but I’ve never met a foe I couldn’t defeat and I’ve always been adventurous.

Faced with challenge after challenge and have the scars to prove I’ve been in battle;

Here I stand, head held high, tested but not broken, sharing my story of how the darkest times were handled.

Not by my power, but by His.  Not by my might, but His.  Not  by my wisdom, but His.  Not by my will, but His;  

Count them altogether and tally the wins.

Can not lose, refuse to;  will not be denied , will not give up;

I do this for more than me, I have to be an example so others will trust..

May have not always understood, but accepted the outcome; Not losing focus or overlooking why it had to be done.

What’s best may not always feel good;

But it’s in the fire, deep in that dark pit, that life is stripped to the core and truly understood.

Be thankful for what you have, where you are, and the person in the mirror;

Tomorrow isn’t promised, yesterday is history, so the present is what you’re here for.

Aim for the mountaintop, dream beyond doubt, shoot for the stars;

The only limits you have is your imagination that sets the bar.

Life is whatever you want it to be and can offer riches untold;

Be brave, chase your dreams, it’s not for the meek of heart, but for the bold.

Let your haters be your motivation, never bow down to intimidation, let problems become stimulation, victories turn into jubilation

And when all else fails, turn your tribulations into education and never lose sight of your destination!  ©


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