Thankful Thursdays!

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It is real simple… Today I am THANKFUL for LIFE!  I am THANKFUL that I woke up this morning when many did not and made it through the day even though many more will not.  I am THANKFUL because although I may not have everything I want, I may not be exactly where I would like to be, or everything is not picture perfect, God willing, I will wake up tomorrow and have another chance to get that much closer to all of the above.

I am THANKFUL that even in defeat there is a blessing in the lesson and as long as I learn from failure, I will never lose.  I am THANKFUL for the hard times that built strength and character and for the pain that taught me that what I thought was my limit is was actually where I just began.  I am THANKFUL that at the worst of times when all seems loss, it only takes a mere thought, a moment of clarity, a positive outlook, to turn it all around and work in my favor.  I am THANKFUL because I did not quit or succumb.  Instead, I got up and moved forward.

I am THANKFUL for everyone that will read this, learn from this, and grow from this as they realize that they too are powerful beyond imagination and capable beyond expectations.  I am THANKFUL that others saw fit to pour into me because they knew it would not be wasted and would be used to uplift others.  I am THANKFUL that some have seen their labors come to fruition and received the fruits of their labor.  And for those who were not able to see the finished product, I am THANKFUL that I still feel their presence and work daily to make them proud.  I am THANKFUL because they gave me the best of them because they saw the best in me.

Today and each day, be THANKFUL for every aspect of life and every chance encounter.  The truest reality about life is that it can be an awesome adventure or a barren wasteland; it is completely dependent on the attitude and perspective in which you choose to live.  The meaning of life?  Look within, reach far and wide, believe with all your might, trust your instincts, because the meaning of life is whatever you want it to be and you are the creator of your destiny.  For that, I am very THANKFUL.

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3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays!”

  1. I enjoy following you and reading your posts. It’s sometimes uncanny how you can make your audience feel like they are not alone, in the midst of their storm without even trying. I have found that you address so many issues that many of us are going through with such positivity. So thank you for your voice and expression.

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