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Feel Good Friday

BrotherWord - Feel Good Fridays

It’s #FGF – Feel Good Fridays – and today BrotherWord is sharing a story about how one man turned tragedy into triumph.  In 2007, Dr. Kevin Morton Jr, was a victim of gunshot.  At the time, Morton was the manager of a fast food chain in Eastpointe, MI. and a student at Oakland University.  Rushed to St. John Hospital in Detroit, he was operated on by Dr. Dharti Sheth-Zelmanski who removed the bullet that had passed through his stomach, diaphragm, pancreas and two main blood vessels.  The surgery saved his life.

Inspired and motivated, Morton pursued a medical degree, studying at Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine and graduated last week, nearly nine years after tragedy struck.  He begins his residency next month at St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital in Madison Heights as a surgeon, the very hospital where he was saved!  In the very same community that could have cut his life short, Morton is paying it forward and giving back.  As he says, “It’s that classic story of someone who is down, but not out.  And a story about someone never giving up.”

Share with #BrotherWord your #FGF moments and keep the good feeling flowing!

Ring In the New Year

BrotherWord - Consciousness

New year, same me, new obstacles, same grind;

Only thing changing with the clock… the time.

I’m on a mission and it started long ago from deep within;

Born of life’s trials and tribulations, only thing I know how to do is climb to the top and claim the win.

Took some L’s in 2014, loss my heart, my way, and my inspiration;

But when they went to Heaven, what they left behind was a new level of determination.

I don’t know about you or what you hope to obtain;

But 2015 is already shaping up for a breakthrough and some monumental gains.

And I’m not just talking about the almighty dollar, although that’ll be nice too;

But I’m talking about spiritual growth, fulfillment of destiny, and impacting lives and so can you.

With each new year is another opportunity to either build or destroy;

And the path you take will ultimately determine if this is the year your overcome and receive an abundance of joy.

Gather the pieces, summon your strength, and prepare for the journey ahead;

It will take more than brawn, plenty of wisdom, patience and courage if you desire to be fed.

Equip yourself with knowledge, determination, and a strong team;

Don’t forget perseverance and dedication coupled with God’s grace is part of the dream.

Love hard, laugh often, and live like never before;

Time waits on no man and this moment is all we have to determine our forever more.

Gained a lot in 2014 and loss even more and despite it all, I still can say I won;

With God on my side, my team with me, and a plan in place, beware 2015 ’cause here I come!

Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Fresh Start

Yesterday is a thing of the past, no looking back;

Today is the beginning of the future and time to get life back on track.

What once was is here no more;

But what can be is what lies in store.

If you keep looking behind, you can never move forward;

But the minute you accept the past, the crisis is over.

A few things for the new year, live, laugh and love;

Take the good with the bad and thank God above.

All of it is a blessing and none of it by accident;

What is meant to be shall, and what isn’t is past tense.

No one ever promised life would be easy or without heartache,

Rest assured you are not the only one to experience loss or been close to the point where you break.

Everything that has happened was purposed and planned specifically for you;

The harder the trial, the bigger the blessing and with 2015 you get to begin anew.

It’s time to let go and let God, stop dwelling on what could have or what should have been;

This is your year of victory, your time to win.

No more second guessing or doubting yourself, no more settling for less;

You’ve fought the battles, withstood the trials, you’ve passed the test.

Take your rightful place, stand tall, and claim your victory;

The best is yet to come and there is no devil in hell that can stop what’s meant to be.

Take solace in knowing that you survived what seemed like the worst;

And despite the hardest of times, God made the last… first.

I can’t promise you won’t experience more trials or tribulations;

but I can guarantee that no matter what, you are equipped for any situation.

This is a new beginning, a fresh start, a chance at redemption;

What was lost will be recovered a hundred-fold, and what is on the way will take you to a higher dimension!

Social Media Shakedown


Social Media

Back with another socially impactful commentary, @Raylee22 drops her latest prose on the phenomenon, or in some cases, the destructive illusion known as social media.  Enjoy!

Social Media

 Like this stat
Like this pic
Like this lie
Like this trick…as in scheme, not chic
Keep face for the gram
I’m bout this way
I’m bout that life
15 seconds of what I want them to think it be like
Let me throw this shade
Behind this pic
That I stole from that cousin’s friend’s uncle’s niece’s best friend’s boyfriend’s sister’s sh*t….
Let me do it for the gram
Let me do it for the book
Let me do it for the lurkers
Let me do it for the likes
Let me look on
as I “sip this tea” and
Screenshot to repost
Clearly, not drinking what I claim to be
His C w/ your M
Your M w/ his W
These hoes ain’t loyal
These bros ain’t either
Subliminal stats like
At the Laundry mat
Hanging sh*t out to dry
Delete that stat,
Delete that pic
Even though, technically, its permanent
Use it as your biography
Getting mad at people’s commentary
Saying “don’t judge me”
But, um, you steady
Typing like it’s your diary????
Post it for the internet fame
Post it for the internet followers
Post it for the internet society
Forgetting that you can’t always hide behind your technology
SMH…Social Media Hell

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thankful Thursday

I am THANKFUL today for the things that push us, challenge us, force us to move out of our comfort zone and explore the unknown.  Recently I had a conversation in which I expressed, “contentment breeds mediocrity.”  If living life meant only pursuing the status quo or playing it safe, there would be no need for growth or discovery.  We would simply… exist.

I am THANKFUL because challenges are the beginning of enlightenment.  As a student, we were dared to flex our intellectual muscles and to think outside of the box.  As an athlete, you are asked to dig deep within and to push beyond what you thought was your limit.  In your career, you are tasked to take on not only your duties, but other duties as assigned and to be efficient and effective.  Throughout life, no matter the area, we each will be pushed and prodded to reach new levels.

I am THANKFUL because instead of settling, I accepted the challenge and despite the obstacle, doubts, fears, uncertainty, or lack of support, I am eager each day to discover something new and to learn more.  Do not be afraid of the unknown or shy away from difficulty.  The greatest achievements in life stemmed from the most strenuous of circumstances.  Anyone who has reached any pinnacle of success has come through struggle and has persevered past the challenges.  Very few have been handed immediate success, but many have fought to earn it.

I am THANKFUL for the people who challenge me to think introspectively, creatively, intellectually, and ethically, and morally.  I am THANKFUL for the challenges of life that force me to accept things I cannot change and work that much harder to change the things that I do have control over.  I am THANKFUL for lessons that teach and chastise and remind me that anything worth its salt is worth the effort to obtain it.  I am THANKFUL that I have the opportunity to achieve all my dreams as long as I willing to accept the challenge.

What are you THANKFUL for?  How have the challenges in your life shaped you?  Share your challenges and triumphs with BrotherWord here on on facebook/Brotherword or @BrotherWord with the #Thankful4Challenges.

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thanksgiving 2014

Today is a day when many will come together and not share in a feast of delicacies, but also share what they are most THANKFUL for and why.  Being THANKFUL is a sense of mind that hopefully is expressed each day and is not just reserved for one day out the year.

Use today to begin shaping the life you hope to lead.  Start practicing daily by starting and ending the day with THANKFUL thoughts.  Constantly remind yourself that is is not about what you do not have, but more about what you do.  Remember the lessons taught, the loved ones lost, and those that paved the way so you would not have to pay the same cost.  Being THANKFUL is a choice, a choice to focus on the blessings surrounding us and not on the woes that occasionally plaque our lives.  This day, like every day we continue to have breath in our body, is another chance to make an impact and a difference in our lives and others.  Use it wisely.

I am THANKFUL for each and everyone of you who continue to push me to be better, challenge me to be stronger, support me to go farther, and support when I fall short or get weak.  I am THANKFUL for the purpose and responsibility that I do not take lightly and I take much pride in carrying out.  I am THANKFUL that someone’s life will be changed for the better because they too chose to have a grateful heart.  I am THANKFUL that hope are dreams are very much alive despite the tragedies and chaos of the world.  I am THANKFUL that when my voice grows tired or quivers, God still hears my whisper.  I am THANKFUL for newfound friends who understand the hustle and struggle and are willing to travel along side no matter the deterrent or doubts.  Today, I am THANKFUL for it all!

I am THANKFUL for the food before us, the friends beside us, and the love between us. I pray every meal is a feast, each encounter is a treasured memory, and THANKFULNESS is shared throughout.  From @BrotherWord to all, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!  

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Comeback

Don’t Call It a Comeback
I am THANKFUL for the setback and let downs;
For those that did not support, turned their back, cursed my name and thought I wouldn’t rebound! THANK… YOU!
I am THANKFUL for the dreams that didn’t come true and fizzled out;
It made room for bigger dreams, a more vivid scene, wider screens to build my esteem, and reminded me I never have to doubt.
I am THANKFUL that what’s for me is for me and no devil in hell, or here on earth, can take that away;
I stand firmly on my conviction, I’m going to hold down my position, because my joy didn’t come from you and here is where I plan to stay.
So when things don’t go my way and the dream is deferred,
I am reminded that delay is not denial and it was His promise I heard.
No need for sorrow, a pity party, or trying to pass blame; Win, lose, or draw, it’s all part of the game.
Win some, lose some, sometimes it’s a tie;
But one thing is for sure, you have to be in it to win it and a setback or let down will not make me quit or cause my spirit to die.
Matter of fact, it’s fuel for the fire;
If you thought one monkey stopped the show, watch me go higher.
You might throw a wrench in the plan, sabotage me at every turn, put stumbling blocks out to see me fall;
But don’t you know the more I fall, the stronger I get, the wiser I become cause what you meant for evil, He uses for good and last time I checked the count on what He uses encompasses ALL!
Again, I am THANKFUL for the setbacks and the let downs;
Catch me on the flip side, I just might let you hold my crown!  ©

Are You Unhappy?

BrotherWord - Unhappy

Came across a great article on @HuffingtonPost that touched on several attributes of unhappy people and I thought it needed to be shared.  The pandemic of unhappiness is increasing daily as we see more people diagnosed with clinical depression and suicide attempts… and suicide fatalities.  Ethnicity, classism, nor gender are solely responsible or single factors in the overwhelming statistics, but the state of unhappiness continues to center around an individual’s perception of themselves and how they view the life they are living.  As you have heard me speak about many times and as we touched on at the beginning of this year, so many people, all of us, get so caught up in the things that are not quite how we imagined or how we wished things were different or how we complicate situations that were not as bad as it was initially thought to be or… or… or….  Well, you get the idea.  Unfortunately, we all at times get so caught in the what-ifs and could-bes, we forget all the wonderful, positive things we have to be thankful for.  Remember, The More You Think, The More you Thank©.

Please take a moment to read the post below and see if any of it may apply.  We all want to get unstuck, to find our place of happiness and peace, but it all starts with identifying what is causing the present issues.  Tamara Star (@daliytransform) has penned a very insightful article that touches on 7 critical plights of unhappy people.  Enjoy and reflect! (more…)

Reaping and Sowing

BrotherWord - Reaping and SowingIf you ever thought that what you do does not matter or doubted for a second your effect on others, take 3 minutes to witness how what you sow is what you shall reap.  Call it karma, paying it forward, reciprocity, or fate, but no matter what term you use, know that everything you hope, dreamed, or wished for is indeed possible.  Follow your heart, do right by others, work hard, and watch the universe unveil itself and open up its wonders to you.  Even in a different language, reaping and sowing is a universal language.

Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - The Pen

There are certain things in life that no one can take away from you – hope, integrity, education, self-worth, self-discipline, or character.  No matter the obstacles or the detractors, there is no one or no thing that has more say so in your development other than you!

As many have seen, the livelihood of several professional athletes has been stripped away and/or put in jeopardy over the last few weeks.  A life they worked for from the time they could walk until it materialized, these men gave their all and positioned themselves to reap the fruits of their labor.  How little did they know that in the blink of an eye, it would be all snatched away.  It is one thing to have an injury derail your career, but when it stems from behavior that could have been prevented, self-inflicted, that is when circumstances start controlling your life instead of you controlling your circumstances.

Learn from others’ mistakes and stop letting everyone else dictate your life.  Look at the picture above, it speaks volumes.  As long as you continue to let others hold the pen, they will continue to write the story they see for your life, and that is where you lose all power.  Today is the day to take back control and start acting as your own scribe.  The life you seek is at the tip of your fingertips and all you need to do is start penning your memoirs.

Your life is filled with so many endless possibilities, but what is certain is that we each one, you have an opportunity to formulate the life you seek.  Our paths may be different, our journeys longer, but no matter the road we travel, we all have the ability to reach our destiny.  Hope is eternal, integrity is a choice, self-worth and self-discipline are innate traits, and character is the lasting impression.  How will the story of your life read and who will be the author?

Where others have faltered, you can learn, and the quicker you do, the better off you will be.  It is very cliché, but there is truth in the statement, “you are the captain of your ship.”  “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach me destination.” ~ Unknown 

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