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1 True Love

BrotherWord - 1 True Love

Reflecting on this week of the #LoveRequiem movement, I’m resurrecting a poem I wrote many years ago.  Hope you enjoy!

1 True Love

When I first met you I was so infatuated, captivated, stimulated,

Being in your presence again is what I anticipated.

The more we talked, the more I learned,

The longer we were apart, the more I yearned.

The more we were together,

The more I thought, this could be forever.

Your style, your grace, your intellect had me intrigued,

Your versatility, your charisma, your aura filled a need.

It was more than a desire, more than lust

You filled the void I was missing, you became the one I trust. (more…)

#LoveRequiem – Asked & Answered

BrotherWord - Q&A

One of BrotherWord’s faithful followers was gracious enough to partake in a Q&A about Valentine’s day and love & relationships.  Her answers are very poignant and shed much light on the mindset of many women.  Even more, she is a testament to the strength and meaning of true love.  Take a moment to read her answers and see if they differ or align with your thoughts. (more…)

#LoveRequiem – Love Is Not Dead

BrotherWord - #LoveRequiem

If it was up to society, everyone would think love is dead and that it is a waste of time to try love.  That anyone pursuing love is only setting themselves up for self-inflicted wounds and somehow love has lost its luster.  Although love can be painful at times, it still is the most gratifying and potent elixir ever concocted and anything worth having it worth suffering through; love is worth the pain.  Love is so powerful it has started and stopped wars, birth miracles, and saved lives.  Love is the answer to all of your questions and if you have ever doubted love’s purpose or power, listen to these men express their love.  Love will always win! #LoveRequiem

Motivational Monday – Forever More

BrotherWord - Forever More

Not looking for temporary moments, trying to discover my forever. 

Somebody who wants all of me, will give whole-heartedly, completely, knowing 2 together, on one accord, makes it that much better. 

I want a friend, lover, and a wife;

That one that considers me, thinks of me, and cares about me, a partner for life. 

I want my help meet, the one God ordained on my behalf;

The blessing that was born from my rib, the one that says all you need do is ask and the desires of your heart you can have.

I want happiness, bliss, passion, and love;

I want the one that is so compatible to me it’s like hand fits glove. 

Until then I’ll prepare myself and wait on her to come into world,

Knowing that God’s timing is best, and this is Heaven’s version of Boy Meets Girl.  

I want that earth-shattering, make your heart skip a beat type of love, mi amor;

You know the type of love that stops time and knows no distance, that type of love that never says never and lasts forever more. ©


Is Love a Choice?

BrotherWord - U, Me, and We - Love Is a Choice

Going into Valentine’s Day, there will be a lot of advertisement and talk about relationships and love.  Most of if it will be profit-driven, but some will actually delve into the meaning of love, the shifting paradigms of relationships, and how do we sustain fulfilling and lasting bonds.  After having a few conversations this past week, it reminded me of a post I wrote years ago, so I decided to resurrect it and see what the masses think.  Let BrotherWord know what your definition of love is and how it pertains to your relationships (intimate, familial, and work-related).  Leave your comments here or on Twitter with the hashtag #LoveRequiem.  Welcome to Love Requiem Week where we are putting to rest the notion that love and relationships are dead! (more…)

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