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Feel Good Friday

BrotherWord - Feel Good Fridays

It’s the weekend baby and although we should not be living for the weekend, it is always good to look forward to a break from the work week.  It has been a week of continued nationwide turmoil, political madness, tragic deaths in the sports world, and the normal stresses of daily life… but we made it!

With the climate of the culture being what it is, it is hard to find inspiration or things to find hope in, but as often happens, when you look for a silver lining there is one on the horizon.  Thanks to @PrinceEa for pointing out the continued flaws in our educational system and shedding light on the direction we all need to go.

To all the educators, please heed his message and act accordingly!  #BeInspired


Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thankful

I’m THANKFUL for the son that rose to give me a brighter day,

For allowing the sun to set on what wasn’t for me so I go on my way.

I’m THANKFUL for the cross he carried for me and the burdens He bared,

For giving me parents that not only have structure and discipline, but genuinely cared.

I’m THANKFUL for my angels in heaven and here on earth,

For the ones who’ve recently entered my life and the ones that have protected me since birth.

I’m THANKFUL for the seasons of love and the moments of hurt,

Through gain and loss, trials and tribulations, I’ve discovered my worth.

I’m THANKFUL for pain, struggle, and defeat,

It was the only way I learned to pull myself up an get back on my feet.

I’m THANKFUL for those that left a mark, good or bad,

Without that experience I wouldn’t be able to truly appreciate all that I have.

I’m THANKFUL that life never promised to be easy or fair,

But always provided a way to rise above the deepest despair.

I’m THANKFUL for another day, another chance, another opportunity,
Life is too short to wait, to swift to delay;

I’m THANKFUL for my matriarch who led the charge and showed me the way,

She taught me as long as you follow God’s will, you’ll never be led astray.

I’m THANKFUL for those that questioned how I would or if I should,

They fueled the fire that gave me the strength and courage to know I could.

I’m THANKFUL for a sister’s love that surpassed any other example,

She is why I do what I do, my purpose personified, and her spirit I sample.

I’m THANKFUL for those that trust and believe I can be a source to better their lives,

The truth is, it’s already in you, we just have to work together to reach your ultimate prize.

I’m THANKFUL for this day and to be able to express my gratitude and appreciation,

I’ve learned that life is not about what you see, but how you see it and that’s my greatest realization.

Can You Hear Me Now?


BrotherWord - Can You Hear Me Now

9 times out of 10 people simply want to be heard. They want to know that what they are saying matters, that even if you do not agree, you can at least respect their opinion, and that while they are speaking, they have your undivided attention.  People really just want to know that you are listening and they have been heard..

The problem with listening is that all of us are guilty of allowing everything and anything to distract us, prevent us from hearing, and tune out the speaker before a single word can be spoken.  We may not like the person, feel they are not qualified, do not care about the subject matter, or have personal prejudices and pre-judgments that have no merit or bearing whatsoever.  This is the hardest person to connect with or reach because what do you when they have already decided they could care less about what you have to say?  You change how the message is delivered.

During the 2015 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational, Darius Simpson and Scout Bostley used the platform to not speak about their own struggles and dreams, but that of their counterpart.  Performing their riveting piece entitled Lost Voices, they touched on the plight of black males, reproductive rights, and perceived privilege, but instead of using their own voice to share their own story, they spoke each other’s truth and experiences.  As the two wordsmiths exchange barbs expressing the thoughts, challenges, and complicated realities of the other person’s life, you finally begin to hear the essence of their commentary and feel the power in their conviction.  The stereotypes are removed because the words flow from a different source and it is at that very moment the syllables travel beyond the ears and begin to penetrate the soul.

Take a moment to listen and as you do, I dare you to close your eyes and concentrate on the words not allowing your eyes to deafening you from actually hearing.  As Simpson and Bostley conclude, once again speaking for themselves and through their own voices, they conclude by saying, “I fight so my voice can be heard.  I fight for the voices you silence all in the name of what is right.  I am black and bold and beautiful by nature.”

Can you hear me now?

“Being heard is so close to being loved, that for the average person, they are almost indistinguishable.” ~

David Augsburger

Still I Rise

Man on top of mountain.

Still I Rise

This world will try to destroy your dreams, break your will, shake you to your core;

Hold on, fight your way through, don’t give up, your blessing is behind that next door.

Sometimes you have to push through, walk by faith, believe you can and you will;

Do not succumb to fear or false prophets, sometimes to achieve progress you may have to sit still.

This maze of life is full of twist and turns, obstacles, and challenges, one trial after the next;

But in order to get to the next level, we have to be forged through the fire, pass life’s test.

No one has all the answers and no has seen it all;

The best thing we can do is take the  blows, dodge what can, and remain standing tall.

People will misuse, mistreat, and mislead you either out of envy, jealousy, lack of knowledge, or disdain;

Love them in spite of them, treat them better than they treated you, you are the example of the better making of men so remember the purpose for which you came.

And when you are knocked to your knees, at your last ounce of strength, on the verge of throwing in the towel,  talking about it’s too tough;

Dig deep within, call for help from Heaven above, and remember it’s been worse before and here I am, battle tested, time to rise up!

The time is now, RISE, not merely because you can, but because you must;

Call upon that inner power, reach deep, you can do it, trust!

We all will fall, but it is those who continue to get up who prove to be brave and wise;

Life you may knock me down, but like the phoenix, from the ashes, Still I Rise!  ©

Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Breakthrough

Ding, ding, round number 2,

Get off the mat, you haven’t been counted out yet, it’s time for your breakthrough,

Tell me I can’t, Tell me I won’t… Watch me do what I do.

Fallen before and probably won’t be the last,

But the difference now is I know how to get up because I learned from my past.

What may have torn me down before is barely a blimp on the radar,

God gives His greatest battles to His mightiest warriors and I’m His shining star.

Armor in tact and the Holy Spirit watching my back,

You really thought you could tear me down, knock me off track,

That was merely the setup for the come up, now watch me bounce back.

What you didn’t know about me or maybe you needed to see it for yourself,

I’m cut from a different cloth and you can’t find this on the shelf.

Matter of fact they broke the mold and the fabric no longer exists,

The life I live is purpose driven and to serve that purpose, I must insist.

So next time you think it’s over, think you’ve lost, it’s over and you’re through,

Remember, who are you are is how you think and when we believe, dreams really do come true. ©

Is the Grass Really Greener?

BrotherWord - The Grass Is Greener

Back with another stirring and insightful lyrical barrage is wordsmith @Raylee22.  How may times have thought or imagined that the “grass is greener” on the other side and fantasized about the what if?  Many of us have gotten caught up in what could be or what we think is a better opportunity only to be disappointed, regretting the rash decisions, and longing for what we once had.  We often become fixated on the mirage and lose sight of the oasis we are standing in.  Be careful in coveting what you think looks better, it could turn out being a desert wasteland!

The grass is always greener on the other side

Until you open your eyes and realize

That the ground you left behind

Only died because you left it unfertilized

It’ll only be a short amount of time before your “greener” begins to welter away

Luscious to lack luster

Because you don’t know how to nurture that rib He took from you

But gave back to you newly molded specially and specifically for you

Scared to admit it was a perfect fit

You began to eye-wonder

Looking for a new place to be

Wondering “Is that better for me”

Over-looking what you already had in search of something… something

Something Else

But don’t even know what else it could be

Trying to be a contortionist

Trying to get other things to fit

Failing repeatedly on your journey

Curious as to why none of your “grass” is flourishing

You make it back to where you started

Visually stimulated by the richness in scenery

Finally, realizing it was where you were supposed to be

But unbeknownst to you

That space in your torso

That was destined to be her home

Was vacant from her too long

Shape shifted and no longer fitting flawlessly

Eye-wondering again, but this time

Looking at what you left for what you thought could be ©

Heaven Is Smiling

BrotherWord - Heaven is Smiling

Heaven Is Smiling


It seems like yesterday when the pearly gates opened and welcomed you home;

4 years later and your presence, or should I say your absence, still rings strong.

The glue, the beauty, the laughter, the one who held us down and held us together, without you, our family just isn’t the same;

Despite the time that has lapsed and all that has happened since, I still find myself calling your name.

Melissa Anne Moore, my sister, confidant, ride or die, my friend;

It couldn’t be more true when they say all good things will come to an end.

I used to ask God why, it’s too soon, we still had things to do;

Little did I understand that your work was done, your purpose fulfilled, and your time here was through.

You were born so I could live;

Not because of illness or necessity, but to teach me what it meant to truly give.

Give of your time, tools, and talents, because our days are numbered;

This life we have is a one shot deal before we reach that eternal slumber.

Through you I discovered purpose and passion and was introduced to a life that transcends time;

Who would have known that after you entered the Omega chapter, I’d become part of the oldest and coldest of the Divine 9.

How I wish you could have been here, seen me cross those burning sands as I saw you 15 years ago;

But I sensed your spirit, heard a whisper, and felt your heavenly touch, I could hear the trumpets in heaven blow.

Life is different, my world not the same, and what I wouldn’t do for one last talk;

But I accept God’s will is better than my understanding and I thank Him for length of our walk.

Today is your birthday and we will continue to praise God’s name and celebrate your life;

 I will continue to honor your name and carry your torch and legacy you started is now my plight.

As we think of  how much we miss you, we may shed a few tears, laugh at the memories, and remember the good times as we travel the miles;

As much as I miss you, I thank God for the time we had and when it’s all said and done, I can see Heaven smile. ©

BrotherWord - MAM2015 


Ring In the New Year

BrotherWord - Consciousness

New year, same me, new obstacles, same grind;

Only thing changing with the clock… the time.

I’m on a mission and it started long ago from deep within;

Born of life’s trials and tribulations, only thing I know how to do is climb to the top and claim the win.

Took some L’s in 2014, loss my heart, my way, and my inspiration;

But when they went to Heaven, what they left behind was a new level of determination.

I don’t know about you or what you hope to obtain;

But 2015 is already shaping up for a breakthrough and some monumental gains.

And I’m not just talking about the almighty dollar, although that’ll be nice too;

But I’m talking about spiritual growth, fulfillment of destiny, and impacting lives and so can you.

With each new year is another opportunity to either build or destroy;

And the path you take will ultimately determine if this is the year your overcome and receive an abundance of joy.

Gather the pieces, summon your strength, and prepare for the journey ahead;

It will take more than brawn, plenty of wisdom, patience and courage if you desire to be fed.

Equip yourself with knowledge, determination, and a strong team;

Don’t forget perseverance and dedication coupled with God’s grace is part of the dream.

Love hard, laugh often, and live like never before;

Time waits on no man and this moment is all we have to determine our forever more.

Gained a lot in 2014 and loss even more and despite it all, I still can say I won;

With God on my side, my team with me, and a plan in place, beware 2015 ’cause here I come!

Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Fresh Start

Yesterday is a thing of the past, no looking back;

Today is the beginning of the future and time to get life back on track.

What once was is here no more;

But what can be is what lies in store.

If you keep looking behind, you can never move forward;

But the minute you accept the past, the crisis is over.

A few things for the new year, live, laugh and love;

Take the good with the bad and thank God above.

All of it is a blessing and none of it by accident;

What is meant to be shall, and what isn’t is past tense.

No one ever promised life would be easy or without heartache,

Rest assured you are not the only one to experience loss or been close to the point where you break.

Everything that has happened was purposed and planned specifically for you;

The harder the trial, the bigger the blessing and with 2015 you get to begin anew.

It’s time to let go and let God, stop dwelling on what could have or what should have been;

This is your year of victory, your time to win.

No more second guessing or doubting yourself, no more settling for less;

You’ve fought the battles, withstood the trials, you’ve passed the test.

Take your rightful place, stand tall, and claim your victory;

The best is yet to come and there is no devil in hell that can stop what’s meant to be.

Take solace in knowing that you survived what seemed like the worst;

And despite the hardest of times, God made the last… first.

I can’t promise you won’t experience more trials or tribulations;

but I can guarantee that no matter what, you are equipped for any situation.

This is a new beginning, a fresh start, a chance at redemption;

What was lost will be recovered a hundred-fold, and what is on the way will take you to a higher dimension!

Social Media Shakedown


Social Media

Back with another socially impactful commentary, @Raylee22 drops her latest prose on the phenomenon, or in some cases, the destructive illusion known as social media.  Enjoy!

Social Media

 Like this stat
Like this pic
Like this lie
Like this trick…as in scheme, not chic
Keep face for the gram
I’m bout this way
I’m bout that life
15 seconds of what I want them to think it be like
Let me throw this shade
Behind this pic
That I stole from that cousin’s friend’s uncle’s niece’s best friend’s boyfriend’s sister’s sh*t….
Let me do it for the gram
Let me do it for the book
Let me do it for the lurkers
Let me do it for the likes
Let me look on
as I “sip this tea” and
Screenshot to repost
Clearly, not drinking what I claim to be
His C w/ your M
Your M w/ his W
These hoes ain’t loyal
These bros ain’t either
Subliminal stats like
At the Laundry mat
Hanging sh*t out to dry
Delete that stat,
Delete that pic
Even though, technically, its permanent
Use it as your biography
Getting mad at people’s commentary
Saying “don’t judge me”
But, um, you steady
Typing like it’s your diary????
Post it for the internet fame
Post it for the internet followers
Post it for the internet society
Forgetting that you can’t always hide behind your technology
SMH…Social Media Hell
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