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Motivational Mondays


Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.  Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. ~ Tao Te Ching

There are things in this world that once obtained, can never be taken away – knowledge, purpose, and love to name a few.

Knowledge like power is harnessed by a desire to grow, expand, to live beyond circumstances and situations, and once you get a taste of it, it is invigorating and empowering.  Knowledge helps us not only on an intellectual plain, but also in our spiritual realm.  The more self aware you become, the more you learn about the psyche of others, and the more verse you become on multiple topics, the quicker and better you are at adapting and adjusting to the many twists of life.

Knowledge is the sibling of purpose, because as you begin to learn, you begin to discover and it is on this journey that purpose is revealed and realized!  Knowledge breeds passion and passion equates to purpose and purpose births love.  Love is the byproduct of purpose as it stems from those things we are most passionate about.

Love is the result of pursuing purpose and can never be taken away.  The misconception is that love fails or diminishes, but the truth of the matter is that love is an energy that shifts as we do.  Love is not necessarily for the recipient but all about the giver as it is a manifestation of an inward impulse.  It is spontaneous, unpredictable, consuming, liberating, and fulfilling and once given, it does the exact same for those that receive it!  Love is the end result we all desire no matter the pursuit.

There are also things in this world that cannot be taken back once squandered – time and words.

Time is one commodity that cannot be bought or sold, you cannot get a return on it or recycle it, and once gone, you will never see again.  Use the time you have to maximize the desires of your heart.  Time wasted is an opportunity unfulfilled, but time used properly is a bottomless well of gratitude and thankfulness.

In the same breath (pun intended), choose your words carefully.  Words can either build or destroy and it is a wise person who not only knows the difference, but also practices the principles.  Our words are sharp double-edged swords that can cut, defend, free, or keep in bondage ourselves and others.  A harsh word may be forgiven, but will surely not be forgotten.  A kind word will not be forgotten, but will also break down walls and free people from captivity.  It is a foolish man who uses words only to admonish, but it takes a wise man to let his words polish.

Hold tightly and guard those things that can never be taken away as they become roots of our tree that bear good fruit.  And likewise, consciously remain aware of not forfeiting what can never be regained, as they too reflect who we are and will become and the fruit we shall bear.


Motivational Monday

Fotor_145252153992384There is no greater motivation than LIFE itself!  Tomorrow is not promised to anyone and at any giving moment, it can come to an end.  Today’s Motivational Monday is as personal as it gets as five years later I reflect on my sister who unknowingly helped to birth BrotherWord and all that has come to fruition.

The people around us affect us in so many ways without them even knowing and through those interactions, we discover who we are, what we are about, and in that rare occasion, they help us to unearth our God-given purpose.  Through my sister I learned that life is what we make of it, the lives we touch, and that fulfilling God’s purpose is the truest route to not only happiness on earth, but everlasting joy and peace.

Find what and whom motivates you to be your best and then latch on to them, learn from them, ask them questions, and most importantly, take the time to let them know that their life has and is making a difference on your life in return.  This thing we call life is shorter than we think and fleeing, so give those you love and cherish their flowers while they are breathing.


5 years and running and still wondering why. Still questioning God, “Why she’s not still alive?  Why she had to die?  Yet no more tears left to cry.

How do you mourn when there’s so much pain?  When the grief hits so hard from just mentioning her name?

Where do you find comfort when you cannot find peace?  The memories begin to fade, the voice becomes a whisper, when the agony never seems to cease.  

How do you begin to move forward when the past keeps dragging you back? How do you let go of the hurt when every waking moment seems like an anxiety attack?

Look to the heavens from which your blessings flow, remember what you reap is also what you sow.  But when I look upward all I want is to see her face, but instead the clouds hide her and and I find myself in an empty space.

I’m thankful to God for the time spent, the laughter, the conversations, the hugs and the kisses, but what do you do when all you can think about is how much you miss her?

Counseling, communication, and church, nothing fills the void; and here we are 5 years later and it still feels like yesterday, one continuing, horrible nightmare, that has come forth to steal, kill, and destroy.

But the devil is a liar and my Christ is the forever joy that can make us whole, because even in death, Melissa transformed lives and saved countless souls.

5 years later and yes it still hurts, but as God as my witness and my sister as my motivation, I must continue their great works!

We each have a purpose and my angel’s work was done, so now it is up to us all to pick up the mantle and make sure that we complete our task before the setting of the sun.

Can never repay her for all that she gave nor all that she means, so I will live my life in her honor, never forgetting the love we share or the unbreakable bond, knowing she watches over me and I can see her my dreams.

Rest in paradise baby, you fought and won the battle, and Heaven is your reward.  Know that you taught your big brother more than you could ever know and now I live for us both as I edify our Lord.

Rest in paradise on your birthday as we blow out the candles wishing you nothing but peace; and know how much we love you and your memory and legacy shall live on and never cease.  © ~BrotherWord

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Memory

* Dedicated to the many who have passed and those of us who will forever miss them. *

Today I am THANKFUL for memories that never fade no matter how much time lapses in between.  I am THANKFUL for the time spent together even though I long for one more hour.  I am THANKFUL that even though I can no longer feel your touch, I will never forget what that touch feels like.  I am THANKFUL for the many treasures.

All of us at some point or another have experienced the passing of a loved one and if you have not, count yourself lucky and also know that each of us at some point will transcend from this plain.  From ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and sunrise to sunset, no matter how prepared one thinks they are, there is no way to fully grasp that moment when life… simply stops.

When the tears begin to dry, the pain lessens, and the world gets quiet is when the reflection starts to happen.  That is what I am THANKFUL most for; those quiet moments, alone with thoughts and memories.  The same memories that can make you cry can also make you smile.  Missing that physical presence often leads to remembering those cerebral moments of laughter, happiness, and those unique encounters that only you shared.  I am THANKFUL that I was blessed with the time I was given.  Time is one of those things that waits for no one and you cannot retrieve after it is gone, so use it wisely and cherish each second for no man knows the day or the hour.

I am THANKFUL for my many angels and although that thought is sometimes debilitating, I rest assured that they are no linger suffering, in pain, or being affected by the ills of this world.  I am THANKFUL knowing they are at peace.  I am THANKFUL knowing they now watch over me daily and will and can move mountains on my behalf. I am THANKFUL that because of them, because of who they were, because of how they lived their lives, and because of how they loved me, I am the better for it.  I am THANKFUL that a legacy and tradition was established and now I have a blueprint to follow. I am THANKFUL most of all because God’s promise reigns supreme and I know when that day comes, we will be reunited once again.

So today I am THANKFUL for my predecessors, those that have gone on ahead of me and paved the way for me.  I am THANKFUL because of you and all that you were and are, I can still hold my head, look toward Heaven, and even when a tear falls, still smile.  Thank you for loving me and literally giving your lives for us all.  

“Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” (Matthew: 25:23 KJV)

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.” ~ Author Unknown

Death is not the end.  Death can never be the end.  Death is the road.  Life is the traveler.  The soul is the guide.”

~ Sri Chinmoy

Happy Valentine’s Day



Happy Valentine’s Day to all.  A day dedicated to spreading love, but what if one day turned into a daily ritual of expressing the love we have for each other?  How would you verbalize everything your significant other means to you?  How would you describe the love you share?

Hallmark, true to their mantra of putting feelings and sentiments into words, began a new initiative called #PutYourHeartToPaper and gave loved ones the opportunity to use their own words when depicting their relationships, the importance of their counterparts, and what their love for each other truly means.  It is a beautifully raw example of how much love conquers and covers all.

Take a moment to view this couples’ heartfelt expressions of love for one another and when you are done, take the initiative to tell someone how much you love them and what their love means to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Love Thyself

BrotherWord - Love Thyself

For any of us to be happy in any relationship, we first must be happy with ourselves.  Same rings true in love.  In order to receive or give love, we first must be able to love ourselves.  Loving ourselves is a phenomenal epiphany that happens over the course of lifetime and formulates as we begin to accept who we are, wonderfully and perfectly made in God’s image.

But what happens when loving ourselves becomes convoluted and blown out of proportion?  One Houston woman took loving thyself to another level and wait for it… married herself!  40 year old, Yasmin Eleby, made a promise to herself that if she had not found a suitable mate by the age of forty she would marry herself and earlier this month she did exactly that with the accompanying honeymoon.  See the article below which talks about and shows pictures from the elaborate wedding.

The conundrum is not the fact that she loves herself, but the lengths in which she went to express that.  How much is too much and what message is she really sending?  Furthermore, the multitude of people who participated and attended, was it healthy or productive that they are encouraging such behavior?  Eleby is correct in demonstrating that one must love themselves for who they are and in all their glory, but I have to disagree with the form of expression.

Not the first to pull off this feat, it is a mockery of the institution of marriage and all it stands for and also diminishes the theory that loving one’s self does not require making a grand announcement or spectacle.  To love oneself, all that is needed is self-awareness, self-appreciation, self-confidence, and self-acceptance.  In addition, to love thyself is a personal affirmation, not a public proclamation.  What is empowering and encouraging is knowing that even alone, I am still happy, I am just as great, I do not need someone to complete my life because I am whole, and I love myself no matter what.  How many times have you heard someone proclaiming, “I love myself.”  Not very often because it is not required or necessary.

If you want to express the love you have for yourself, simply do that.  Take pride in who you are, build the life you aspire to have, and take responsibility for your own happiness.  It does not require a lavish ceremony or a public display, but merely a look in the mirror as a reminder of how thankful you are for the life you have.

Do you think the solo wedding was too much or appropriate?  Would you marry yourself?  Let @BrotherWord know what you think and make sure to leave a comment here or at Twitter – @BrotherWord or

“Love yourself… Accept yourself… Forgive yourself, and be good to yourself.  Because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.” ~ Leo F. Buscaglia

Heaven Is Smiling

BrotherWord - Heaven is Smiling

Heaven Is Smiling


It seems like yesterday when the pearly gates opened and welcomed you home;

4 years later and your presence, or should I say your absence, still rings strong.

The glue, the beauty, the laughter, the one who held us down and held us together, without you, our family just isn’t the same;

Despite the time that has lapsed and all that has happened since, I still find myself calling your name.

Melissa Anne Moore, my sister, confidant, ride or die, my friend;

It couldn’t be more true when they say all good things will come to an end.

I used to ask God why, it’s too soon, we still had things to do;

Little did I understand that your work was done, your purpose fulfilled, and your time here was through.

You were born so I could live;

Not because of illness or necessity, but to teach me what it meant to truly give.

Give of your time, tools, and talents, because our days are numbered;

This life we have is a one shot deal before we reach that eternal slumber.

Through you I discovered purpose and passion and was introduced to a life that transcends time;

Who would have known that after you entered the Omega chapter, I’d become part of the oldest and coldest of the Divine 9.

How I wish you could have been here, seen me cross those burning sands as I saw you 15 years ago;

But I sensed your spirit, heard a whisper, and felt your heavenly touch, I could hear the trumpets in heaven blow.

Life is different, my world not the same, and what I wouldn’t do for one last talk;

But I accept God’s will is better than my understanding and I thank Him for length of our walk.

Today is your birthday and we will continue to praise God’s name and celebrate your life;

 I will continue to honor your name and carry your torch and legacy you started is now my plight.

As we think of  how much we miss you, we may shed a few tears, laugh at the memories, and remember the good times as we travel the miles;

As much as I miss you, I thank God for the time we had and when it’s all said and done, I can see Heaven smile. ©

BrotherWord - MAM2015 


Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thankful Thursday

Today I am THANKFUL for those that do what they do not for fame and riches, but out of love and compassion for their fellow man.  What is often lost in our world are the kind gestures many bestow on humanity for no other reason than to enrich another person’s life.

I am THANKFUL that even in a “microwave” society where so many are consumed in their own worlds, there are still those that value taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of life and soak it all in.  Instead of becoming overly consumed and constantly on the move, how sweet it is to pause and appreciate the gift of life.

I am THANKFUL that daily I am blessed to converse with, spend time with, and engage in stimulating dialogue  and actions that advances AND activates lives.  There is nothing wrong with ensuring one’s own success in life, but ensuring the success of others, that is the making of a legacy that will surpass time.  As one coach has taught me, it is the transfer of positive energy that is ever-flowing, never ceasing, and unconquerable that will carry on when we are long gone.

Thank you to my coaches, mentors, confidants, and dream builders.  Because of your selflessness and dedication I am inspired and empowered and blessed to pass the same on to others.

“Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.” ~ Author Unknown

“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” ~ Albert Schweitzer

#AskBrotherWord – Soulmate

BrotherWord - Soulmate

One of BrotherWord’s faithful readers, @ljackwill3805, forwarded an article regarding soulmates.  In the article, @TheMaryGraham talks about how her husband is NOT her soulmate and how as her daughters grow, discover themselves, and eventually seek a husband of their own, she does not want them to become disillusioned with the notion that soulmates exist.  I could not disagree more! (more…)

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thankful Thursdays!

There are so many things in this world to be THANKFUL for, but on this THANKFUL Thursday, I’m most THANKFUL for the things that didn’t happen.  Sometimes a closed door is a blessing in disguise and a preemptive strike preventing a future disaster.

I’m THANKFUL for life’s mishaps and mistakes.  Because of them, I learned not only who I am, but what I can endure and overcome.  I’m THANKFUL for lost – lost jobs, lost people, and lost love. Losing a job makes you appreciate what you have, but also prepares you.  It forces you to grow beyond your comfort zone and stretch beyond what you thought you were capable of.  It also make you resourceful and innovative; you learn to do more with less.  Losing people makes you cherish those you have.  Life is too valuable to take for granted, too precious not to appreciate, and too valuable to waste.  Losing those closest to you will ensure that you learn to appreciate them while you can.  … and the greatest of these is love.  Despite the emotional and mental, sometimes even physical, pain associated with losing love, I am still THANKFUL.  Losing love taught me what it was to genuinely feel, to love unconditionally, to put others before me, to be vulnerable, and most importantly, that nothing in this world beats giving.  Is it better to love and lose or never love at all?  It is always better to love and lose and to experience all that love is and can be.  I may have lost love, but what I discovered will make it that much greater when it returns.

So THANKFUL that I learned that when I do fall, I also know how to get back up.  THANKFUL that no matter how dire the situation may seem, it’s never as bad as it could have been.  THANKFUL that sometimes in order to succeed, you have to learn what it is to fail; how else would you measure your success or know what it truly felt like.  I’m THANKFUL that can I share my mistakes and my lost with all so that they too can know it is not the end, but the beginning.

What have you learned through lost?  How has failure or setbacks strengthened you and made you better?  Share your triumph and how you overcame here or @BrotherWord with the hashtag #Thankful2Lose.


Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thankful Thursdays!

I can not begin to tell you how THANKFUL I am for my parents.  In today’s world where there are many single, separated,  and blended families, who by the way are doing exceptional jobs in raising their kids, I have been blessed to have my parents married and under the same roof my entire life.  They have not only nurtured and supported me, but they have provided priceless guidance and afforded me enough leeway to mold into the man I am today while still being a safety net when I fall.

A parent’s love is equivalent to God’s love for His children and my parents have loved me unconditionally and as deeply as Christ loved His son.  They say you will never understand a parent’s love until you become a parent yourself. This may be true, but I understand that it takes a great deal of sacrifice and I am so grateful to have the parents that I do.  They are more than a blessing; they are an example, an inspiration, and aspiration.  My parents continued pursuit of love and togetherness epitomizes why the matrimonial union was designed.

To say I am proud of them is an understatement.  I’m in awe of their longevity (42 years) in spite of devastation, death, and despair.  What they have endured is daunting to say the least, but they have managed to withstand.  And is that not what marriage is about, standing together to battle life’s tribulations (for better or for worse) while growing individually and together mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

I am eternally THANKFUL for the parents God blessed me with and for them accepting the challenge and rising to the occasion every time!  I can never repay them for all they have done for me, but I will do all I can to make them proud and make sure they know their efforts were not in vain.  Mom and Dad, THANK you for loving me no matter what and providing me with a life that was not measured by things you could buy, but forged through the time we spent together, communication, discipline, lessons taught, and lots of hugs.  My love for you only pales in your love for me.

How have your parents affected your life and how has it shaped you to become a parent?  Share your thoughts here or @BrotherWord with the hashtag #ParentsLove.

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